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About Us

Greetings from the Pastor

Welcome to the Corner! We pray that you will find a warm welcome and a sweet spirit of fellowship when you visit Cornerstone Baptist Church. Inside our congregation you will find a diversity of people that we believe is a genuine representation of our community. People of all ages and from many different backgrounds join together to form one body.

We place a high value on relationships, and encourage the building of friendships and the practice of networking. Our goal is to be more than a church that people attend together. Instead, we desire to be a family of believers who "do life" together. Small groups are our primary method of helping people build the key relationships they need and desire, so let me encourage you to plug in to one of our Life Groups. These include Sunday School classes, Discipleship groups, and ministry and mission organizations.

We also value and emphasize consistent spiritual and personal growth. Our corporate worship services are designed to be celebrative in atmosphere and life applicable in the messages. You will find leadership development opportunities which are designed to help you increase your influence both within the life of this church and in the local marketplace and/or school where you work or study. We use and teach a servant leadership model.

Give us six weeks! During that time we believe you will get a real feel for our heart and our passions. Allow us the opportunity to meet you personally and to answer any questions you may have. We'd love to have the privilege of getting to know you, to discover your needs and to ask you the key question, "How can we help you grow spiritually?" We believe in helping people take "the next step." What would that be for you?

Pastor Greg

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How To Become A Member of Cornerstone Baptist Church

Profession of Faith and Baptism: If you will receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord and follow Him in baptism by immersion, we welcome you to our family.

Letter: As a Baptist whose church membership is elsewhere, should God lead you here, we will be happy to welcome you into our Church Family and take care of the appropriate details for transferring your membership.

Statement: In the event that church membership records are not available for transfer of membership, or if you were once a member of a Baptist church or were baptized by immersion into a church of “like faith and order,” we will gladly receive you upon your statement of these conditions.
Baptism From Another Denomination: In the event you have never been baptized by immersion and you know in your heart that you have made a personal commitment of your life to Jesus Christ and want to become a member of Cornerstone, we invite you to join by baptism. This gives testimony of your salvation, obeying Christ’s example in baptism.

Invitation: You are invited to respond to any of the above by coming forward during the invitation at the close of each worship service. Of course, any decision assumes your willingness to be faithful in prayer and participation in our Lord’s work at Cornerstone. The Pastor will meet you at the front to answer any questions and pray with you.

"Where Strong foundations are built one life at a time"
For questions contact : questions@cbcinverness.com

Church Staff        
David Smith
Associate Pastor
Bradley Looper
Worship Leader
Bruce Wenger
Minister To Students
Suzie Aguilera
Children's Ministry Coordinator



What to expect


We look forward to welcoming you to Cornerstone Baptist Church. When you come you will notice two things immediately - a warm, friendly welcome from neighbors who are genuinely glad to see you, and a very diverse congregation.

We place an intentional emphasis on making sure our guests are warmly welcomed and made to feel as comfortable as possible when they come to study and/or worship with us. We hope you sense that our greeting is genuine and heartfelt. Everyone who walks through the door represents a neighbor, co-worker, family member or friend. We've been waiting to meet you and praying for that very opportunity, so when you come, we feel like it is an answer to prayer. Our hope is that you will feel relaxed and comfortable both in our presence and in God's presence.

You will immediately recognize a wide diversity in our church family. We are diverse in age, in backgrounds, in vocations, in socio-economics and in dress. We encourage you to be yourself. Our men wear everything from jeans and boots to suits and ties. Our ladies will be in jeans to slacks to dresses to business suits. Our children and teenagers often express their natural personalities in their dress, and we're okay with that. We're first interested in you - and who you are in Christ. We don't encourage masks. You can bring your burdens and struggles with you - you'll find plenty of fellow strugglers, people just like you who have come to experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

Our worship services are designed to be celebrative in atmosphere. Our worship will include many different element styles. Our worship choir sings periodicaly as well as different groups and solos. Each service is different, but designed to help you connect with God. We want you to participate. Words to our congregational songs are always projected on a big screen for you to easily see and follow along. You will always be led in when to stand or sit, so don't worry about feeling awkward. We do not single our guests out during our services, but do provide an opportunity after each service for you to meet our Pastor and staff and connect with them personally.

Pastor Greg uses different message styles to communicate, but his messages are always designed to include both biblical content and real-life application. He often uses outlines which are provided to help you take home and follow through on what he teaches, and we also often use Powerpoint and video enhancements to make the messages visual.

If you haven't visted with us yet, please come and experience the Cornerstone family. We believe you will be warmly welcomed and that you will sense the joy and contagious excitement our family feels. God is blessing us beyond what we can even understand, and all glory and honor belong to Him.


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